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Innovative Foundations Support Affordable Housing – Roger Roatch

October 15, 2021 @ 8:00 pm - 8:10 pm

Innovative Foundations Support Affordable Housing

Cities continue to wrestle with solutions to the ballooning cost of housing. Over the past couple of years, policies have been enacted, and in some respects the building code community has responded with positive accommodations to help builders meet the demand for housing, in the form of ADU/DADUs. The intent is to reduce regulations that increase the cost of a home or rental unit. The industry also needs to find ways to reduce the construction costs, along with reducing building times to make DADUs available asap.
Pin Foundations is a local company that has answered the call, and addressed these key needs head on. We support the need to provide affordable housing, provide it now, and provide it at a lower cost. Pin Foundations has invented and proven the development of a highly evolved footing/foundation system, we call GroundFrame™, and the recently constructed Keneipp Residence DADU is our highlighted project/workshop that we are excited to share.
There are very costly road blocks in putting a DADU in your back yard, and GroudFrame™ is the solution many have been looking for to make a DADU a reality. There are practical and environmental considerations that can add significant cost when using a traditional strip or pier concrete system. Here are just a few: storm water runoff, pervious area remaining on the lot/total building SF allowed, heavy equipment access, ability to dig deep into the ground, sloped lots, lot/environmental impact, labor shortages, weather conditions, jobsite building modifications, days to completion, ADA access, height restrictions. GroundFrame™ has addressed all of these in a positive way, giving the building design teams and builders, real solutions at lower cost and faster turnaround time.
We will cover all these tantalizing benefits during our workshop, but at the end of the day, the Keneipp residence foundation was installed, turnkey, in just under three days with a 3-man crew, with nearly zero environmental impacts.


October 15, 2021
8:00 pm - 8:10 pm
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